Murena blocks e-mails, using VPN

For privacy and security, I use Surfshark’s VPN.
In that case, I cannot send or receive e-mails to or
If I disconnect the VPN, then I can send and receive e-mails without any problems.
Why murena blocking my e-mails and how do I fix it?
Thank you

The answer is quite simple. Many scan or login attempts go through VPN servers. I run my own mail server and see these IP addresses every day. With Fail2Ban they are then locked out after three attempts, often entire /16 address blocks. I always lock out such uninvited guests for a month. Probably Murena has blocked some addresses from your VPN provider.

I understand that Murena protects itself from attacks, but it should find a way to protect itself without blocking normal users.
I want to keep my privacy and that’s why I use VPN.
Murena should find another solution to their security problem.

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Then choose another VPN server or even another country. No one can block all VPN addresses.

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