Murena breaks Signal and Email

Hi, since I created my account on Murena, I can´t update Signal and I can´t send Emails. I am at lost and my Fairphone 3+ is almost useless now. Please help.

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Where is your Signal from? And what email app do you use?

My wife started to only use Signal on her lap top. So it was a non issue for some time. But now I would like to take this topic up again and follow through. Signal was downloaded from a Murena platform, Email works but Signal not.

Man, what Signal? You can go into the Signal Settings, Help, and there you see the version, should be 6.22.5 or so. If it’s older then update.

If Signal doesn’t open at all go into the global Settings, Apps, Signal and scroll there to the bottom, there you see the installed version.

If you are in the global Settings, Apps, Signal you can also clear the cache and the entire memory of the app. After this the Signal app should be like freshly installed. Then you have to renew your Signal account (PIN). After this it should run.

Hello. Demian. A quick question: Did you try to update it manually through the App Lounge (/e/'s app repository)?
Signal has a speficity, it stops working if the appcis not updated for more than 2 months. This is a security meansure to make sure that users do not communitate with outdated Signal versions. The same for the desktop app.

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Thanks, we updated Signal, and is working now like a charm. :grinning:

Thanks, we updated Signal, and now it is working perfectly :slight_smile:

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I am REALLY relieved to hear this simple solution! Thx for “pointing out the obvious”