Murena Cloud Storage (files) full ...?

For some reason I don’t understand… My 1GB space in the Murena Cloud keeps being filled with files on my device. Pictures, photos, music etc. Since that is way more than 1GB on my phone, my cloud is full all the time.

I can delete it manually in the cloud and clear the space, but it keeps coming back. I can’t find a setting in my phone to turn this off!

In backup I’ve already set the location to “device” (Seed Vault) and files backup is switched off. The app /e/Drive on my phone is an app I can’t manually start nor see its settings.

What could be done?

On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts > [first account, your account] > Account sync

You can disable 8 syncs here. Note you might only be able to change the synching here if you have an internet connection. For me, it was enough to disable only Picture and videos. The rest takes up so little space that I left it active.

Thanks! I guess that’s the golden tip I was looking for. Didn’t find this before, was searching for way more complicated settings. In the meantime between my post and your answer phone hat uploaded another 200mb already, again!

But then, on this menu I do my settings for my cloud backup / sync. Why is SeedVault kind of doing the same thing? Do I need that, actually?