Murena Cloud with open-source photo Les Pas for Android

Just heard about Les Pas - Photo Album for Nextcloud, available in F-droid.
I wonder if:

  • it’s better than the pre-installed ‘Gallery’ app: ‘Organized photos and videos in albums’ is an appealing feature to me.
  • if it also works with Murena Cloud. When opening the app it wants my Nextcloud server url…

Try it. You can always uninstall it if you don’t like it,nor if it doesn’t work

I have that app on a non-/e/ device. Honestly not sure exactly how it works but I have it logged into Murena cloud and it asked me where to save files there. Pictures/lespass/ for instance. Heh, I’ve always been confused over /e/'s two directories, Photos vs Pictures.
Via Nextcloud I see a lespas directory added at the top level and another under the specified Pictures directory.

I took a photo that shows up in Les Pas’ Camera Roll. Selected the image and tapped on the little foot at the bottom. Dialog pops up with copy or move. Selected Copy but it wouldn’t do anything. Guess I had to create an album first. Okay, called it camshots.
And yes, it showed up in the cloud.
Les Pas is showing two camshots collections, one local, one remote.

Took another shot but chose to move it to the remote location. Image is online with no local copy.

Admittedly I haven’t checked out exactly all that it does but from the looks of it it doesn’t show your existing images in the cloud. Seems more for uploading and viewing the uploads than being a general Nextcloud gallery app. Not sure.

Many thanks @marcdw ! That helps me a lot. It’s essentially a backup tool. Maybe I’ll use it one day.

Maybe give Nextcloud Yaga a try. It works but it’s a bit odd at first.

Oh, I hadn’t heard of Yaga for Nextcloud! Will it work with the Murena Nextcloud? Maybe I’ll be asked for my NC server URL. Where do I find the URL of my Murena NC? I’ll try it tonight!

Yes, it works with Murena since it is basically Nextcloud.

For login just use, no need for full URL.

It’s a bit odd and basic. You have to browse to the image directories.

When you get to Photos or Pictures it will look like a normal file listing. Tap on the three-dot menu and select Focus. Then it will look like a gallery.

In settings you can set it to recursive. I believe that means when in a top-level dir like Pictures, selecting Focus will show all images from there including subdirectories.

Despite not being updated since last year, the dev said he hasn’t abandoned it.