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Bought a Fairphone4 from Murena as they are the US distributor. When I received it decided to try Murena’s cellular service because they were equipped to activate the eSIM and I was on my way out of town. Process went fine until I tried to login to my account on Murena’s website. Website said my credentials are wrong. Contacted Helpdesk via the contact form. Someone got back to me eventually but kept claiming I had no account or there was a problem with my email. I gave up on them when they kept insisting I should try adding a typo to my email. I pointed out that it was incorrect and then got back to my trip. Now I’m nearing the end of my first paid month and still cannot access my account on Murena’s website at all. I want to change carriers and ordered a Mint SIM card which I now have but cannot switch until Murena ports out my number. Emailed Murena twice over the weekend, it is now at the end of the business day on Monday and no reply. Tried the universal “611” on my phone only a recording that says to login online is heard. I CANNOT LOGIN!

How does one port their number out of Murena’s awful cellular provider service?

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Hi @Dax pl, can you share the helpdesk ticket ID or DM me the email you used to contact the helpdesk? Do not share the email ID on this thread, as the forum is a public place and any personal information posted here will be accessible to all.

Help desk ticket ID #9926324.

Got a response via email after posting this asking if I wanted to port out or close my account? I need my number ported out so I CAN close my account. I replied as such and have received no response.

Haydee Elizonado (your helpdesk person) is so cryptic and bizarre that they come off as a very low level bot.

This is such a simple request and is automated with every other cell service provider in the US. Why is Murena struggling so?

Hi @Dax the helpdesk team members respond to a good deal of mail every day. The responses may at times appear cryptic, but they always do keep track of what has been sent and if any response is further required. I believe you have received a follow-up mail now.
We do plan to introduce an AI response agent to provider a faster first level service to those who write in. That will reduce the backlog of mail which the team members currently need to deal with.

There is a minimum level of customer service needed to be in your business. Your website looks good until you try and have an account you can access on it. Fixing that should be more a priority that an AI bot to answer contact requests that are flooding in because your infrastructure is woefully inadequate. 4 days of me hounding your company on multiple platforms just to port my cell number out so I can engage a real carrier is ridiculous.

Frankly, the business side of Murena appears to more aspirational than anything. I’m not impressed.

After the complete debacle Murena caused by offering no access nor ability to port out my number from their garbage cell carrier service, they had the gall to bill me an additional month after having closed my account days before.

The scum responding via their “helpdesk” waited from 1/23 to 1/25 to reply to my request to close my account simply stating that my port out two days before automatically closed my account. Conveniently, they responded exactly 30 days after I had opened the account. Murena then billed me an additional month, on that exact same day.

Murena is a garbage company and I am embarrassed that I fell for their grift.


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