Murena email & Thunderbird: get instant info about score, and train Rspamd

Hi there,

There is a very helpful Thunderbird extension for SPAM/HAM management for Murena Cloud email, I wish to share with you.
Let me introduce Rspamd-spamness.

This extension:

  • gives you an instant view to the scores, the action taken by Rspamd, and optionally the rules fired
  • can add 2 buttons to ease SPAM/HAM training

Example SPAM:

  • surrounded in green is the score information added by the extension, as well as the action
  • surrounded in blue are the rules fired, with color classification.
  • surrounded in red are the buttons I could use to train Rspamd and move the message to the correct folder.

No magic here, the extension is simply getting infos from the message headers, and display them nicely.

Example with excellent HAM:

Example with okay-ish HAM:

The configuration I use:

  • at very top, some foldable useful information
  • “Column display” is unfortunately not available anymore, blame Mozilla :frowning:
  • “Message display” is to be set according to your liking!
  • to have training buttons to work correctly, you must set the folders. Please note the “per-account” button at bottom, very useful if you have more than one email account in your Thunderbird
  • don’t forget to click “Save” at very bottom :wink:

That’s it! I hope that this extension will help you to demystify what Rspamd think about your messages, and why some actions may have been taken.

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