Murena Fairphone 4 Wifi-Calling not work

Hi all,
I bought a Fairphone 4 from Murena with e/os. Now I try to use Wifi-Calling. I set all the parameters in the phone but i does not work.
Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Schildmi.
By Wifi-calling, do you mean using wifi for basic phone calling ; the “telephone” app (not zoom app or so) ?
If yes, are you sure that your carrier enables this function ? Some do not. Did you ever use it with the same carrier on another phone ?

Hi heavenfrog,
thanks a lot for your answer. I mean wifi calling for the basic phone calling. I used it with a fairphone 3 and the same carrier.
Even a few minutes ago I try again to have a call and it is the first time the fairphone show “Wlan call”. Now it seems to work. But I don’t know why…
That’s crazy…

Let’s hope this will go on working.

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