Murena FP3 giving me tinnitus

I have a problem with my Murena FP3 because it is giving me tinnitus with my headsets…
I use the Focal listen pro (monitoring) and the Focal wireless (bluetooth), so until here it is fine. But let’s say I listen a podcast then a phone call arrives, so if I have the bad reflex to answer the sound ‘even at the minimum’ is shocking for my ears.
Seriously, I know my ears are sensitive but come on !
How is it even possible ? Is is me or what is going on.


So in essence, the default call volume is too loud using headsets.

I can’t test this at the moment, but perhaps the search has something until anybody else can come up with something helpful? …

Yes the search bar is a good start.

About the volume I have this problem with my FP3 and not the Pixel.
But anyway, nobody from the team is worried about that ? It’s like I come to say that the battery gets so hot that it burns my skin.
I should just ask the support directly.

This here is mainly a community forum, and even if team members are present, nobody can read everything at once.
If you want to involve the developers directly, you can open an issue at the GitLab … … or …

This should work, too.

It’s true, you are right.

Support answered me May 23 so I am waiting, and by the way something similar happened in car today too.

The ringtone of my phone just now was really too loud with the headset, I was peacefully listening radio and suddenly I received a call. Now I am shocked.
Idk if this headset is sensitive or whatever but it is not fixed.