Murena FP4's on the way

:tada: We will be publishing the Murena Fairphone 4 for pre-order in Europe later today

:rocket: This is the first 5G modular and privacy conscious phone in the market.

:alarm_clock: The pre-order campaign will happen in wave, with most European countries going live today, and France starting on 1st of January 2022.

The OS would be /e/R or Android 11 and build version v0.21

:loudspeaker: To avail of the 5 yr warranty, remember to register yourself on within 90 days of delivery of your phone.

For details on the announcement, please check our newsletter which should be published later today

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Can anyone tell me how the esim works?
I’m a FP3 user for more than a year (bought from /e/ store). I use two nano sims. The first is my personal number and where i use 3G/4G mobile data. The second is from my job. No internet and i can’t change the sim card.
This means that if I buy FP4 i’ll have to use my job’s sim, with no internet, in the only available slot. And esim in my personal number.
Will this be possible or does the nano sim slot has to be filled with an account with internet access?
Thanks in advance

Please can you tell us whether / when the preorder will be available in UK? I still consider UK to be part of Europe (if not the EU sadly), but I know not everyone shares that view. I would be very interested to get hold of a Murena FP4

Why wouldn’t it be now?
At least everything up to putting the phone into the basket works for me if I set the shop country to the UK.

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So the answer is ‘Yes’ :slight_smile: Thanks for trying.

I have tried to buy other stuff on the web from EU countries and found several that no longer ship to UK or non-EU/EEA countries

Then you need a personal Dealer in EU :wink:

The FP4 should be available for pre-order in the UK. Are you facing any issues?

No issues - I was only asking. The phrases “in Europe” and “most European countries” are no longer as clear - in reference to UK - as they used to be :frowning:

Thank you, but duty would still be payable - by me - when goods enter the UK, regardless of who is sending the goods

Where is the rom so I can install it manually. I dont want to preorder the device and then have to pay lot of bordertax for import. I bought the fairphone 4 here and now I want to install Murena on it. Where are the files and manual?

As stated, the FP4 ROM is based on 0.20 which just started to release (and just the Q based builds as of yet), so give it some time.

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Well you can understand that I just bought the Fairphone 4 to use it. Actually at that point when I ordered it, they statet it will be ready in November. So I was glad my order got postpone till now. I dont understand why there are devices sold by Murena or /e/ with the os on it but I cant install it on my device? I dont care about the Version I willingly be beta user if that is the case. I just want to swap so I can sell the fp3 for a considerable price.

And preordering the mobile was out of question as I would have to pay so much bordertaxes.

It’s not even sold with /e/. It’s just listed for pre-order and delivery will start mid-january.

It was always said that /e/ won’t arrive for the FP4 until early 2022.

I understand your impatience, but I’m sure the team will release the build as soon as they’re ready. You’ll probably have it installed before the pre-ordered Murena FP4 arrive at their destination.

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just wish I had made a copy of that official message. But anyhow wait little more does actually not matter is just a bit of pain :smiley:

If you had, what would that change? Nothing.
And I think you are referring to a statement by Fairphone. They are an official partner, but they are not the e foundation, and they don’t do the porting of /e/OS to the Fairphone 4, so they can pretty much say what they want.

In software, the only realistic answer to the question when something will be ready will always be “when it’s ready”. The non-acceptance of this reality only leads to further complaints … “I know the release date was made up primarily to shut me up asking for a release date all the time. But the date was missed!” … “I know I wanted to have a release ASAP, but it’s so buggy it’s unusable!”

Two simple truths remain:
The release will come. It has to.
It will have bugs anyway. Let’s hope not too many / too annoying ones.


man you are one aggro person. Sure it would not change anything but I would know if I had it seen right or not. No I dont refer to ANYTHING as I cant remember where I have seen it.

I might have over read that they are on pre order, so it makes sense the rom is not jet available. Thats why I wrote I will wait until its here. No need to lecture me and no I dont agree fully with the software is ready when its ready. Especially when you have a contract with a client.

The same about bugs was said on the Fairphone3 and I had none or they did not disturb me.

Eventually, there will be one under the christmas tree :wink:

What contract ?

The system is in experimental stade.
Our job, as beta tester users, is to test the software and reveal the bugs for the developpers who will fix it

The official partnership of Fairphone and the e foundation would have some sort of contract as a base, we can assume.
What’s in it is anybody’s best guess, apart from Fairphone and the e foundation, who know it exactly.

oh boy generally speaking. As an example. I said not one word about /e/OS in the sentence did I?