Murena FP4's on the way

Eventually, there will be one under the christmas tree :wink:

What contract ?

The system is in experimental stade.
Our job, as beta tester users, is to test the software and reveal the bugs for the developpers who will fix it

The official partnership of Fairphone and the e foundation would have some sort of contract as a base, we can assume.
What’s in it is anybody’s best guess, apart from Fairphone and the e foundation, who know it exactly.

oh boy generally speaking. As an example. I said not one word about /e/OS in the sentence did I?

That was the initial simple question.

The simple answer: nowhere

There’s nothing to change here.

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Dank dir, trag ich mal so ein und schau dann nochmals nach.

I’m also waiting on the release. Patiently.
Will probably be buying the FP4 and installing with easy installer when available. Phones are so much cheaper in my region when you buy from a provider (with data contract).

Thinking about supporting /e/ via donation.

Is there an advantage if you buy a murena phone instead of loading the OS yourself?

You might want to monitor this: /e/ OS "easy" installer: how to help it support multiple devices! - #29 by Ingo_FP_Angel


As a customer you get direct support by the e foundation, and you should get the phone with the OS on the stable release channel, see Different Build Types.

Access to the stable release channel is not guaranteed otherwise. The Easy Installer should install stable, but is not in sight yet for the Fairphone 4, see @Ingo_FP_Angel’s link.

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Will I have the hardware warranty / guarantee when bying FP4 Murena?

Fairphone says:

Please keep in mind that Fairphone can only provide support for devices running on Fairphone OS.

In the legal text more precisely:

[…] if you modify some Android partitions when you flash a Third Party Operating System, which makes it impossible to go back to the official Software version provided by Fairphone.

So I have to install FairphoneOS before sending FP4 Murena to Fairphone in case of hardware issues? Is this possible?

I understood that e foundation provides guaranteed support software-wise when buying the FP4 Murena phone from them. But what about hardware?

Hi @MathiasR , for question regarding the devices you purchase from /e/ Pl send a mail to
The team would be able to help you with the correct answers.
Alternately, you can also check on the eSolutions website

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If you want to send it to Fairphone.

It will be, but it’s not online yet, see, section “Revert to Fairphone OS”.
Back when the Fairphone 3 came out Fairphone needed some time to get this online, too.

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If you have purchased the phone from us …ie from the eSolutions Shop then you can send it to us. We will send it to the Fairphone folks and get the repair works done. No need for you to flash the stock and send it to us.


:partying_face: All set for the release of FP4 phones.

The first batch of Murena /e/OS flashed FP4 phones should be dispatched to users starting later today.
Build would be v0.20 and OS version /e/ R
The documentation with manual download links will also be released later today.
We will come out with a detailed announcement later today.


The FP4 stable /e/ R builds …the same builds we are flashing on the devices we sell on the eSolutions Shop are now available for download here

The build version is v0.21 and OS ver is /e/ R or Android 11

The dev builds have not been released as yet. They will be released once we have completed the testing for v0,21 . Tentative ETA for v0,21 release is end of this month for all users on the Dev branch.

The testing for the FP4 builds was done internally which helped release it before the release of the other builds of v0.21.

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why is it then called:


What is an R vs a DEV build?
Is one or the other the easy installer implementation?

Edit Nevermind, Found this:

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Cool, thanks for the insight

BTW in case any of you are wondering …the installation is getting done here using Raspberry Pi powered flashing stations. This is the photo of the office of the group that flashes the devices we sell on the eSolutionShop , I think that is a cool adaptation of the Raspberry Pi.