Murena helpdesk doesn't answer emails; forwarded mails rejected; legitimate mails in spam

Not sure what the reason is, but I’ve sent several emails for months to the helpdesk and they hardly ever answer. Here are the issues I face:


Some of my mails forwarded by my anonaddy account are rejected by the Murena mailserver. Some of them do have contents that could be seen as spam (“stock prices”) and some don’t, but all are legitimate emails.


All mails in the spam folder are legitimate. I can remove them from the spam folder but I keep having other mails going there.

In both cases, I would like to remove all filtering and accept all mails. I will do the spam check on my end. Please tell me if there is something Anonaddy can do in terms of forwarding settings that could diminish the odds of mails being rejected by Murena.

(Ticket nrs. 9917514 and 9926056.)

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I have passed on the ticket numbers and details to the team to check and respond.

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I have also sent an email to the helpdesk regarding issues with my 2e Emerald, but did not get a response. It was based on this post which I marked as solved because I was going to get the support team involved and was not getting any responses here:

An infra team member was assigned to check both the issues. Since it was the weekend, I should get a response back today.

Pl can you share the helpdesk ticket number so that I can have it checked.

I never got a response from my email to the helpdesk. So, I cannot provide you with a ticket number.

Pl can you DM me the email ID you used to send the mail to the helpdesk.

Can we have a bit more information about what is going on with Murena? It’s not normal that we are not getting any response from tech support, and that this thread is staying unanswered. I can’t afford to use an email provider that is not looking after their users.

FYI, this is the subject of my first unanswered email, dating from 23 Dec 2023(!):

Re: [Ticket#9917514] Murena rejects legitimate emails

This was already a rephrasing of an unanswered question, and I sent a few emails since. All remained unanswered.

I am assuming you are sending the emails to the ID. I am unable to see this ticket in the queue. I have asked the team to check. Will update once I get a response.

Any news on this? It’s very weird that I am not getting responses when replying to helpdesk emails.

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The team was working on adding a feature where users could define their own spam filter. Create a white list of which servers to allow and which to reject. The development of this has not been completed. Will update when it is implemented.