Battery discharging while plugged in

I am running the latest stable version on my 2e and if I leave the charger on overnight the battery will start discharging after it reaches 100%. It sometimes also never reaches 100% if the battery is above 90% and I charge it such as when I take it off the charger in the house and connect it in my car when I leave. Usually, I let it discharge to the 50% range and charge it again and it doesn’t have an issue. After searching here and the Teracube forums, I couldn’t find any other posts that specifically detail this issue. Please assist, and thank you in advance.

edit: I installed 1.18 today and will check to see if the issue persists.

1.18 did not fix the issue. It starts declining within 10 minutes of reaching full. It seems like a battery percentage calculation error in the OS, or a problem with the charging circuitry or battery chemistry. Can anyone else confirm this is happening? Perhaps on other devices?

It looks like this is a device issue. I would also suspect the charging circuit is not handling 2A chargers very well. I will follow up with Teracube since they already said they would replace the unit.

After further testing, it seems the stable /e/ ROM may have issues calculating the charge of the battery. I reverted to the factory ROM and this behavior does not occur. I emailed the Murena helpdesk since this did not get any replies and they are a technology partner with Teracube.

The following issue was created for this: