Murena.IO cloud not syncing pictures from my camera

For some reason, my Murena.IO cloud account is syncing the crap stuff I don’t need online (like shared whatsapp memes) but not the pictures I take with my phone’s camera.

Under ‘accounts’ I have my account linked and every box is checked: up to and including the ‘pictures and videos’ option. Yet, my material is not ending up in my cloud storage. Several days worth of pictures and videos are still on the phone, unsynced, while a whatsapp picture shared 10 minutes ago has already appeared in my cloud account…

This is weird behavior. But worse: there is no way whatsoever that I could find to force a sync. No button, no ‘share with’ option to move them to my cloud storage, nothing.

How is this supposed to work and how to I solve this?

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Me too, on Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite with e-1.21-T.