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I’m a eOS and Murena cloud user since a while now, and happy enough with all the products I started completing my de-googling by moving all my important accounts to my email. All fine until recently I moved to Ireland.
I am not 100% sure, but it seems that a lot of systems here do not cope so well with the murena email.
Receiving an email can take a long time (min 30 min), when it arrives. Because most of the time I never receive them. So most of the time, I can’t use this email because the verification is not possible.
Moreover, trying to open a bank account here. Through one bank app, the verification email does not arrive. In the agency of another bank, they told me that the system cannot accept this email address (they tried in front of me, it did not work but could not see the error message). So I had to give my gmail one… You can guess I was not super happy about that.
Here’s for the context. What I’m trying to ask with this post is:

  • is that a known issue? Did that ever happen to anyone else?
  • I know the Irish banking system is not the most recent, but I’m wondering why the random delay/no email issue with other websites (most of the time Irish hosted). Where would be the issue? Another example but not sure if correlated: I can’t verify my recovery address on gmail, setting it at the one. The verification email never arrives or with a massive delay.
  • and if that’s not a murena issue, any good alternative for email? I heard a lot about Proton Mail and I’m considering this at the moment.

Thanks for reading and thanks to the Murena team for the good work!

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About delays: this is probably greylisting.
You may try to write to, mentioning the originating (sender) email domain (the part after @), maybe they can do something for you :wink:

Yes I already contacted the helpdesk, I’m waiting to hear back.
The thing is sometimes I don’t necessarily know the domain. But i can try to identify some.
A couple of days ago I tried to send test emails from my work O365 to and gmail was instant, took 30min/1h.

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