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Hello all.

My daugther, who enjoys a account, cannot use her email with github : his github account has been immediately blocked with the following message :

Our abuse detecting systems placed restrictions on the account because of the email address on the account.
Before we can remove > these restrictions, we would need:

  • a non-disposable email address on the account
  • any throwaway emails (including forwarders) to be removed
    You can add an email address by following the steps here:
  • Adding an email address to your GitHub account
    You can then follow these steps to verify it:
  • Verifying your email address
    Once more, we’ll need you to remove the current email address from your account.
    To clarify, we don’t need anything ‘traceable’ to you, feel free to use protonmail or tutanota etc.
    (just examples, we don’t have any particular recommendation here) it just can’t be a “throwaway”
    or temporary domain for security and deliverability reasons.
    You are also welcome to connect to GitHub using a VPN or TOR node if and as you wish.

Fortunately, her account was created before the domain move from to, so her email works (just like mine).

But for those who came only relatively recently to /e/ cloud … this is a problem, isn’t it ?

Would it be possible to separate the domain name used for the disposable / anti-tracking emails and for the real ones ?

Or any other suitable solution …


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I think your daughter simply has this issue: Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?, I hope an email as proposed would fix the problem.

probably good to start a thread with the issue at - there’s no search hit yet.

Github is the entity discriminating, so it’s the one that needs contacting. can make sure their accounts are humans and abuse is handled.

Thanks @aibd, but it’s about GitHub, not /e/ gitlab (anyway I hope and expect to be in the white list :slight_smile:).

Hello @tcecyk.
Thanks, but the words of GitHub are clear : “any throwaway emails (including forwarders) to be removed”.
So, as provides a “forwarder” email to any of its users (the so called “hide my email” email) … my understanding is that does not comply with GitHub rules (because of this nice feature) and so that any email can’t be used @ github.
Anyway, I’ve just asked to github community, we’ll see if this is confirmed or not. has 1 alternative alias, not throwaways. It is predominantly a full email service on its main domain if at signup time it was the default domain.

@tcecyk, you perfectly know that cybersecurity is all about “zero-trust” (which is perfectly understandable) ; so the slightest suspicion is more than enough to not trust, and so to ban.
So when GitLab guys say “including forwarders” and you answer “predominantly”, I guess that you understand twice why the ban :slight_smile: .
Now, on the other hand, it seems that there’s also something else : here’s the GitLab answer to my question “What is the official and precise reason why this domain is banned by github ?” :

The murena domain is currently not allowed as it has been used several times by bad actors for spammy or inauthentic activities.

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