Murena nextcloud is down

You can also check with :wink:

When are you getting this error

Yes, I am aware of. Unfortunately is not enough to see if the app is working correctly.
I was having this error while loading a doc file on my murena account. Now the error is gone but I can’t still download a doc. The pdf icon (and all the oters icons) are gone

Steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Go to
  2. create a doc file
  3. click on download as
  4. Icons with the file format options should appear. But they aren’t

May it be something related to the theme?

Have passed on the information to the infra team. Will update once I get a response.

Thanks @Manoj , I appreciate the quick reply.

It was a network issue at hetzner which has now been resolved as per the update we received. Sorry for the inconvenience. The servers are all back online.

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Yes but it is not solved, I can’t still download my document as PDF.

Are you facing an issue only with the pdf documents or are all downloads throwing an error

I can’t download a document in ANY format. See for how to reproduce the error Murena nextcloud is down - #5 by edapx

Not seeing any issue downloading documents of any format at my end. Have asked the team to check if there are any other reports of such an error.

Now is back again, thanks. I can save documents as pdf, doc etc…