Murena Nord - Announcing a new device from the eSolutions shop

:loudspeaker: We have added the OnePlus Nord to the list of devices which will be available pre installed with /e/OS and through the eSolutions Shop. These are brand new phones with /e/OS pre installed.

Check out the device specifications here

We will continue to test newer devices which can be ported to /e/OS and sold via the eSolutionShop

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Hi @Manoj ,
are these refurbished pbones like the others? Or are they brand new?

They are brand new phones. Let me update that in the initial post.

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Great news!

I use a Nord (not sure if it’s also the 5G version) with unofficial /e/ OS build and it’s a great device. Only drawback is the cam which is slow and throttled by OnePlus for any inofficial camera app.

Hi @weichselbaumj,

Only Samsung s9 and s9+ are proposed refurbished,
Nord, Fairphone, and Gigaset are brand new.

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Is there an easy install option coming for the Nord as well?

I would like to have Gigaset GS4 with /e/OS. But there is even no Lineage OS for it. It is a pity that manufacturers like Gigaset do not have a close partnership with /e/OS currently. To use /e/OS as the default OS on their phones. They could help to improve the operating system.

We will work on adapting the easy installer to work with the Nord. That activity will need to be planned.

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Can I purchase the Nord from the esolutions shop if I live in the states? The only phone I see on the US availability page is the Teracube. Hoping for the Nord!

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For now the list on the eSolutions Shop shows devices available in a specific country.
As part of the testing of the phone we found that it is not whitelisted by T-Mobile and AT&T . Which means we cannot push it in US or Canada.

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There are 6 models of the Nord.
Can you confirm this is the AC2003 model, code-named avicii, as per the picture?

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The models which should work with the /e/OS are

  • AC2001
  • AC2003

as mentioned on our documentation site


Are there any future plans (that you can share) to offer more devices for the US?

For the US we are looking at multiple devices…there are a couple of factors we need to consider for e.g

  • vendor should be selling the device in the US
  • /e/OS porting should be possible + all apps should work the way it works in the other locations
  • Devices should have good coverage across major service providers …TMobile, ATT …
  • Good hardware support across the country
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Thanks for posting this information. I am looking forward to seeing the Murena Nord available in the US.


I did a bit of sleuthing with respect to the possibility of using this device with T-Mobile in the U.S. on an unsupported basis and here’s what I found:

  • 5G is out of the question as NONE of the 5G bands supported by the device is supported by T-Mobile.

  • Extended Range 4G LTE is also out of the question as the device does not support GSM 600 Mhz or 700 MHz frequencies used by T-Mobile network


  • Frequencies that can provide LTE:
    • Band 2 (1900 MHz) (supported by device AND network)
    • Band 5 (850 MHz) (supported by device AND network)
    • Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz) (these frequencies are NOT supported by device)
    • Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz) (NOT supported by device).

TLDR: If (1) you are in the U.S. and (2) you wanted to use this device on the T-Mobile network, I would not hold my breath for the prospect of support as compatibility is severely limited.

Resources used:

Hopefully, someone can check the above to make sure I haven’t missed something obvious- Also it might be instructive to go through this exercise with AT&T if someone has a bit of spare time. :wink:

Edited to add: I wonder if every post I make in the future will require moderator approval as well…

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Posts under Announcement category require moderator approval. Have moved the post to a different category.

I appreciate the explanation @manoj. Thank you and very best regards.

I’m trying to buy a Murena Nord right now … the website says you are out of stock (!!!) Already, after only two weeks? Is there any kind of ETA for more?

That’s the Problem :wink: