Murena Nord "out of stock"

Hello @Manoj ,

The murena nord is already “out of sotck”! Any idea when it will be available again’?


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If you don’t mind me asking: what kind of image does it create if you haven’t properly restocked your warehouse, but make big announcements in all the media? So that it doesn’t take a few days until the first potential new customers are standing in front of empty shelves.
That would scare me right away.

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Considering parts and goods shortages everywhere right now … my condolences. Must be hard.
For your enjoyment, because I really like this drastic screenshot …

(Librem 5 – Purism currently)


Yes, it is very surprising with the “big announcement” on the forum AND the newsletter …

I mean, both the S9 and S9+ were out of stock the day I read the article about them being available for sale to the US. I suppose it’s a little different since they were all refurb jobs, but I don’t think we should be overly surprised.
PS: If any Nord variant ever becomes for sale in the US (fully compatible with T-Mobile and VoLTE/WiFi, sign me up)

Hey !
@Manoj no one or no respons ?

As you may be aware there is a shortage of devices across vendors. It is not something w/e/ have much control over. We are trying to get some ETA’s from the vendor. Will share them once we have some details.


I checked with the sales team. There have got a a few units and would be adding the same to the site today. Did not get the exact numbers. The team is following up with the vendor for additional stock.

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Ordered one. Thanx @Manoj . So, were y’all unable to get sufficient stock for the initial release, or was the demand just larger than you expected?


Ordered one too! Thanks @Manoj !
It was a little bit urgent !

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