Murena not selling battery for Teracube 2e

I almost bought the Teracube 2e from the Murena shop, when I realized that there is no suiting battery offered in Murena’s shop. Why is that?

It seems as if the only way to get a replacement battery for the Teracube 2e is to buy it from the official Teracube shop. That shop though only accepts weird payment methods. No giropay. So in reality, the replacability of the phone’s battery is not given for me, as I cannot get a replacement.

PayPal, Amazon Pay and the usual credit cards are weird?
You might not like them, which would be fair, but if you mean the German niche system Giropay, that would make it the weird one if it were listed.

Since the Teracube 2e can be bought from German dealers (e.g. Vireo), perhaps the batteries will find their way to them, too.

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It probably has to do with international regulations that make shipping loose lithium ion batteries by air problematic:

Sellers like Amazon or eBay possibly get inventory by bulk shipment using other means of transport, which may explain why you can buy batteries from them, but not from smaller operations like Murena.
It may be possible to order and ship a battery directly from I just tested ordering a battery and choosing EU as destination, without completing the process. It looked like it was going to work OK.


To be fair, weird might be a misleading word. Yes, I don’t like/use Paypal and I hate Amazon. I do have a credit card in fact, but it’s useless for online payments, because it only works in combination with a proprietary 2FA app. And guess what, that app only runs on Android (with Google services) and iOS. You know this kind of bullshit…

Same old … you are right! Paypal (which at first I thought I would rather avoid) used with a credit card, rather than debit card, on a reasonably secured PC, is acceptable to me, on occasion.

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I very much do, but perhaps this is time to find a better credit card provider, one who uses something bit more standard for authentication, perhaps something SMS-based, or better yet OATH-based.


If you are with VISA and the proprietary 2FA app you mention is related to “VISA Secure” I can tell you that there are banks who do support a non-App solution to that. E.g. DKB provides a solution where you can do that with your browser via their online banking website.
So I would join the suggestion by @MadHatter that changing your credit card provider might be a good idea.

Or perhaps the bank has other options available for 2FA, for those who don’t install the app…?

Be sure to check the data sharing settings in your PayPal account. Their default is to share with Google and Facebook!

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Thanks for the hint @outsidethebox. I am so unsatisfied with my current bank that I considered switching to another one already.


J’ai essayé à plusieurs reprises d’acheter pour Teracube 2e un verre de protection sur le site en payant par CB Visa.

La transaction n’a pu pas se faire, car une fenêtre doit s’ouvrir avec ma banque pour certifier l’achat ce que la banque canadienne ne fait pas.

Il est un dommage que l’on ne puisse trouver cette accessoire sur votre site « murena ».