Murena on Gigaset GS5 LITE

Hello /e/ community,
Have you already tried to install Murena on a Gigaset GS5 LITE smartphone?
If so, what is the result and is it reliable?

Bonjour la communauté /e/,
Avez-vous déjà essayé d’installer Murena sur un smartphone Gigaset GS5 LITE ?
Dans l’affirmative, quel est le résultat et est-ce fiable ?

there is no “device port” for the GS5 or GS5 Lite - both being a mt6769 SoC based device.

You could use a Generic System Image (GSI). /e/ releases a GSI, but the current one is Android 10 based, at best you should start at GSI version parity to the released Android version, for the GS5 that is Android 11 / (R), but you could give it a try:

(There’s positive Gigaset GS5 feedback on Android 12 GSIs in