Murena on Toyota Prius

Has anyone used the Murena One with their Toyota Prius’s Multimedia Display? Will a navagation app and/or Music app or phone calls display on Toyota’s Multimedia Display?

Maybe is there an official Toyota app for your Prius you can try?

Unfortunately, Android Auto won’t work because it relies on Google’s proprietary API library, which has been removed from /e/OS.

Well that is certainly a good thing! Thanks stanwood.
The toyota app is more invasive. Yes they have navigation which costs 15 bucks a month but they also track how you drive e.g. following the speed limit, how you navigate curves, coming to a stop, etc. And that data they sell to insurance companies to provide you with a better rate , if you have a good rating! The New World Order. After using this Toyota App for two months I deleted all the information and turned everything off.