Murena One charging issues


I am facing some problems when charging the battery with the device off. I don’t know if the new update (/e/ OS 1.14-s) I applied recently is responsible for this.

With the phone switched off, if I charge the battery, the battery icon image is static; it doesn’t show evolution of the charge (in the past, I recall some kind of animation), it always shows the level of charge in red; it doesn’t refresh the image. Nevertheless, I can check that the battery is being charged if I switch on the phone. Another related problem is that, while it is charging, the on/off button doesn’t switch off the screen. The screen is always on. If I charge the phone by night, the screen is on all night and the phone is rather hot in the morning. All this behaviour happens when the phone is switched off. No issues if the phone is switched on while charging.

I don’t know if these bugs are caused by the update or other reasons.

For issues with the murena One pl send a mail to the helpdesk at ID. The team should be able to help you further.

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Hi jmzama ,
I have the same problem with my Murena One and was looking for anyone who had the same problem with charging the phone with it switch OFF, because that is the way I use to charge the phone. I was right next to my phone when it started charging and as soon as I touch it and felt it was getting warm I pulled the USB cord out and stopped the charging.
I not sure if the problem is with the /e.OS 1.14-s or the also upgrade of Android 12 maybe causing the problem. In any event we can still charge phones with the phone in the ON position , without any heating up of the battery.
I have sent my issue of the charging to the Helpdesk and they did respond back to me with suggestions on what to do , which I have done online . Going to look further into this matter and see if I can find out just what is causing this problem.


Hi Marty,

Thank you very much for sharing with us the same problem. At least, now I know that it is not a particular malfunction of my terminal. I agree with you that last update is probably related with the problem.

I also sent the issue to the Helpdesk, but no answer until now. You say that they did respond to you with some suggestions. Could you share them with us?

Best regards,


Hi Jesus ,

Sorry it took me so long to give you an update on what I have found , which is not much .

As for a fix for the issue we are having , I could find nothing , other than what we both have been doing with charging with the phone turned ON for charging.

I have noted another issue with Texting where when sending one it takes 1 to 3 minutes for someone to receive it. Sometimes it never gets sent and a notification popup saying it could not be sent from : com.mediatek.ims.Ims.Ims/App , I don’t know where this came from but it is not the Text App that I have install which is “Message”. Don’t know if this is related to the update we received.

The BIG NUMBERS showing the time when you first turn on the phone, is Not what I like to see when turning on the phone. I think this is an Android 12 thing.

I think we are going to have to wait for the next Update before we see if it corrects the issues we are having. Before doing the next Update I am going to do some research online with Murena and check to see any and all issues that may effect my phone. Don’t know just where you fine the information on any issues on the next Update.

Wondering if you found anything new on our issue (s) we are having ?

Hopefully all and any issues will be corrected with our Murena One Smartphones as I do like not having google on my phone anymore taking control of it and not me in Control of my phone.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


“Sometimes it never gets sent and a notification popup saying it could not be sent from : com.mediatek.ims.Ims.Ims/App”

—> this problem comes from the processor which is no longer updated by mediatek. All work is now supported by the e/OS developers. It’s makes support and updates complicated

Hi Marty,

Just updated to /e/OS 1.15-s and still the same problem when charging the battery while the phone switched off.

With respect to SMS, I rarely send any SMS so I cannot confirm the problem, but you got a response from Jean-Philippe.


Thanks for the input on mediatek , Jean , I will get in touch with /e/OS and see if they can correct this issue.

Hi jmzama,

Well I guess updating to the latest version in NOT the answer.
Yes I did see and did respond to Jean-Philippe.
I am now working with the /e/OS development team to see if we can correct this issues I have. Will keep you informed when corrected , I hope.