Murena One e phone- any way to connect to computer to transfer files?

I cannot get Linux Mint to recognize the phone so that I am able to transfer files. I have done this with normal phones before including the Samsung s9.

Is it possible to do with Murena phones/

Thank You !!

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I always found a simple FTP connection usable for the most purposes and you do not need a cable. The device is the server, the PC is the client. There are several good (S)FTP server apps.

On Linux you will also find a software called android-file-transfer. This needs a cable but you can access both the SD card and the device memory as well.


Awesome. I will look into these solutions…so I can ftp going from my phone into my Murena cloud account. I did not consider that.

Thank you !!!

Linux Mint also has the incredible Warpinator app, which also runs on Android and Windows, and has less security implications than FTP.

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No, of course not. As I said, FTP and android-file-transfer can both be used between a PC and your device.

For the Murena cloud you use normally the OS-built-in synchronization capabilities.

You can also use “synthing” app :wink:

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I see thank you. Hypothetically, you can FTP between any two computers of course.

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