Murena One e phone- any way to connect to computer to transfer files?

I cannot get Linux Mint to recognize the phone so that I am able to transfer files. I have done this with normal phones before including the Samsung s9.

Is it possible to do with Murena phones/

Thank You !!

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I always found a simple FTP connection usable for the most purposes and you do not need a cable. The device is the server, the PC is the client. There are several good (S)FTP server apps.

On Linux you will also find a software called android-file-transfer. This needs a cable but you can access both the SD card and the device memory as well.

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Awesome. I will look into these solutions…so I can ftp going from my phone into my Murena cloud account. I did not consider that.

Thank you !!!

Linux Mint also has the incredible Warpinator app, which also runs on Android and Windows, and has less security implications than FTP.

No, of course not. As I said, FTP and android-file-transfer can both be used between a PC and your device.

For the Murena cloud you use normally the OS-built-in synchronization capabilities.

You can also use “synthing” app :wink:

I see thank you. Hypothetically, you can FTP between any two computers of course.