Murena One Mail vs ProtonMail

I have Protonmail and had it prior to my acquisition of Murena One Smartphone. I have never used the Mail App or the Calendar which comes with the Smartphone. Anyone who has any experience with either the Proton Apps and the Apps which come with the /e/ OS would be helpful in deciding whether to spend a couple hundred dollars for a Proton renewal or go with the Murena One apps.

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Proton is great and is zero knowledge email system. Obviously unless there’s a wiretap warrant for live interceot. The moral of the dtory: if you plan to commit crimes no encryption could save you, otherwise you vsn choose either startpage tutanota or murena or protonmail

Question whether to use Proton or Murena depends on your needs. Both use E2EE, both are privacy conscious when you choose to trust and use these services.

I’d say it like this as both Murena and Proton user.

Murena offers a much wider scope of services (notes, tasks, decks etc) than Proton. Those services are hosted on the Nextcloud instance. So you can synchronize them easily on many devices.

Proton is not yet an ecosystem on its own but it’s slowly getting there. I find that its email system is simply amazing.

You can setup different emails (depending on the plan you purchased), you can setup a custom domain, Proton has the SimpleLogin integration and other things. Also, the calendar is very much advanced compared to Murena.

I am worried that Proton Mail app consists Googly ingredients. I would like to avoid it. Question is, what is safer, logging to ProtonMail via the browser which will be used as mail app, or to purchase the cheapest plan to be able to use FairMail or K-9 for the e-mail handling. What do you think?

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If you are concerned with the Proton App having Google ingredients I highly suggest you contact Protonmail and ask them and post your results of that here for us to see.

Look forward to your response!

So you are not sure of any Googly parts, just worried. Not enough to dismiss something.

I installed the app from the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo and examined it a bit. It does have Firebase stuff. Good or bad I don’t know.

If you mean ‘Google Analytics’ or other trackers, there or none of those integrated into the app :

Of course, the app does use Google’s Cloud Messaging service to deliver push notifications, which in /e/OS is handled by MicroG.
If that is an issue for you and you want to avoid all connections to Google servers, I recommend reading this:

And in that case, you can download an apk file from the Proton website itself which, as far as I know, does not include Google Cloud Messaging :

We don’t currently integrate Proton Mail with third-party email clients on Android. Third-party email clients for Android are not capable of the encryption and decryption processes Proton Mail performs.

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