Murena One / Not working / How to get an answer from client support?

My Murena One has many dysfunctionalities since a few weeks/months (camera down + app lounge doesn’t work + very low + …) I am VERY impacted, even more since I am en independant worker and I need a valid phone for my work.
I tried to contact client services 10 days ago but zero answer, and I don’t see any other way to contact them appart from the contact form. Is there any number I can call, or email ? Has anyone had the same issue ?
I am from France.

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Pl can you send in the mail with detail of the issue to if not done already. The team should be able to help you further on this and if unsatisfied arrange for a refund on the phone.

Thank-you, I didn’t since I didn’t know this email, thank-you I will adress them my issue, thanks again

Bonjour Charlotte,

Les problèmes avec votre Murena One ont ils été résolus ?

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