Murena One screen freezing

Hi there, the screen of my Murena One freezes when using it.
It wasn’t aways like this and it started maybe half year ago afert a system update.
It happens every time I’m using some apps for more than few minutes.
E.g. Waze for navigation or reading a longer article in FireFox.
I also happens when I’m leaving the screen on for longer time while hearing a book on BookBeat.
I have set the screen timer at maximum possible so it’s not seldom that the screen stays on for 30 min or so while some app is running.
After the screen freezes, the apps are still running in background and the last active picture on the screen remains perfectly visible. I can only notice that the screen is frozen because it does not react to touch.
Though I can almost be sure, that the apps in background are actually partly reacting to touch, I just cannot see the effect of is on the screen since the image is frozen.
Any others similar experiences and possible fix for this?


One more thing: Sometimes I could fix the problem by some random touch and swipe gestures and/or pressing of the buttons on the right edge (volume buttons and off button).

But most of the time I must hold the off button for like 10 seconds pressed in order to restart the device.

The porbability of screen freezing seems to be lower after a fresh restart.
But if the last restart was say on day ago an I start using waze, it freezes everytime within a few minutes.

Hi @alexd For Murena device support you can send a mail to the ID. The team should be able to help you further.