Murena One to sell

My Murena One is a few weeks old and I am very satisfied. Unfortunately, it does not match our corporate policies. So I would like to sell my device at a good price, e /OS/ it’s a bit exotic, so itˋs not easy to sell …
Technically and optically flawless, original packaging with accessories, original Murena mobile phone cover and three suitable display protection films (armored glass, from Xcover Pro). I didn’t like the original display protection so much, hence the variant with Xcover Pro.
Device is reset, equipped with current software and is waiting for another fan of e /OS/ :slight_smile:

Looking forward to direct inquiries, Linus


What are you looking to sell your phone for?

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Hi Dave,
I think about a fair price of around 200 euros plus shipping costs.

Greetings, Linus

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That’s a pretty fair price, but I don’t have any Euros and don’t wanna pay international shipping to the United States lol

Sorry guys, itˋs sold!

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