Murena, the new implications?

Hi !

Although I’m subscribed to the forums, for some reasons I never got the announcements about the Murena branding and all that.

I use for email (, as well as caldav/cardav. I guess for now the domain and ways to hook to the /e/ services still work. Weird enough, Thunderbird logged me out, without notice last week, but I could logged back in with as it used to be. For some reason K9 didn’t logged me out, now I’m wondering if it’s really logged in…

Are there plans to change email addresses, email domains, or caldav/cardav/email servers? I noticed also one can create email aliases, not sure if that hints that the future email addresses will be Also, I don’t think is any better than to some email systems which ban email addresses not matching the so called “standard” email address format @<some_service>.[com|org|net|…], so I don’t see benefit on the to that regard, though aliases for different things might become useful…

What are the plans. So far it looks like no change, but I’m wondering longer term.

Are there any other implications? Is the Murena re-branding just that, re-branding, or is there more to it, like a more commercial aspecto of /e/ or something like that coming (like vs. Is there an explanation, on why the rebranding and future expectations (not exactly the roadmaps I’ve seen in the forum)?

BTW, I read Murena - Our brand name, but it doesn’t help me with my questions much.

Thanks !

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Ecloud and all works fine still for me here.

My e account doesn’t work on my phone. I delete it, try to add it again, but impossible to connect it… Idk why :confused:

hello I have the same questions.
I was considering buying a phone with /e/ OS already installed (I’m tired of installing software on phones) but I definitely don’t want to set up a new account with Murena, so if the phone comes with murena and not compatible with my /e/ account, I’ll abandon this idea.

Anybody having advice on this topic please ?

thanks in advance

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