Murena two brightness

In bright light situation I can’t read on screen and it seems the brightness slider don’t affect the display even with the extra dimming activated.
Does anyone face the same problem as me ?

Same issue here. I’ve tried various Display Settings… The slider bar does not work. I was hoping the OS was going to be really slick on a Murena phone, but there are still a lot of bugs.

I too notice that the light is very weak when it’s sunny. This is a real problem for me, as I’m often outside. Does anyone have a solution or is this a real phone limitation?

Another user case : I can’t pass the gate at the SNCF train station because the QR code can’t be read by the scanner : lack of brightness.

Hello @Manoj, can someone take care of this problem?

Pl raise an issue on gitlab with logs. That way the developers can have help debug this.

Hi, I opened a ticket. I hope it’s detailed and precise enough.

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