Murena two replacement pieces

I dropped my Murena Two (without protection), and the back is now broken. How can I get replacement parts to repair it?

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Sorry, you bought the wrong phone ;- ) Seriously, reminder to myself only to buy a fairphone. Display and battery also come to my mind.

Don’t jinx it with teasing others for their choices. Karma might decide to break your Fairphone’s core module :wink: .

Fairphones aren’t exactly cheap (for all the good reasons) and not available in every market.

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My Fairphone is strong but has low quality details that cost enough money to replace at the end. I already broke 2 back covers, cover of 2 different lens felt and the metal circle around the fingerprint sensor felt too.

Which Fairphone model?

My current phone is from 2014, a Samsung Note 3. Yes, the prices are high and hurt a bit/lot but I am saving money since that date ;- )

I already paid my Karma dues because I already broke twice my display glas and choosed to repair it by myself.

Hopefully for him he will get a spare part!


You can send a mail to and the team will help you further.


The 3, and it is still my top 1.
I wish you to be happy with Samsung, although my S7 is still broken.
Now I am curious to read announcements about what will come up or not to the team in term of spare parts

@Sebu please feedback how it went along…

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Fairphone is not built with privacy hardware + it is for me a way to give back to /e/ team help make murena even better in the futur than Fairphone.

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