Murena web interface asking for email authentication when already logged in?

So I am able to login to the Murena web interface on my PC and browse pictures and files and so on but when I click on mail icon it asks for my password. I enter the password and it responds “Authentication failed”. I am using an

Anyone else? Can someone test their login of the web interface email?

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I can reproduce just as you describe. I don’t use snappymail very often, but I did seem to remember this “additional” login to the mail app.

However in three attempts now I get “Authentication failed” (although I appear to be logged in, I can open Inbox and Sent, but Send test message fails, also with “Authentication failed”.

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Thanks aibd,

I should probably contact help desk. Interesting that the email comes to my phone and I can open it without a further "Authentication ".

And now I can get into web mail web interface intermittently? Sometimes I can see message and sometime is says "Authentication failed” in the body of email.

Similar issue here. Sometimes I can log in, but then I can’t access my emails: clicking a folder gives “Authentication failed”.

I will be unhappy to leave Murena/e and change my email address, but I don’t see an alternative: if I repeatedly can’t check and reply to emails, that is worse than nothing.

Even before this, the behaviour was buggy:

  • Emails not loading/rendering properly
  • Search often not working
  • Emails sometimes not sending
  • Lots of legitimate emails going straight into Spam

If I could change to a different service/system without changing my email address, I’d do it immediately.

How does one contact “help desk”? It is unusable for me just now.

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I have been using e-email for years and have never had even one email issue. Lots of email servers have issues.

Besides it’s possible it’s not even their fault, it could be a DOS for all we know.

That sounds like a very positive experience for you. What action do you suggest I and others take to have the same positive experience?

Compared to using Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird and Outlook, this address has given me more problems than all of those combined.

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I thought there was already a gitlab issue about this problem (I too have this problem) but I searched for it and found none. Maybe im remembering it wrong - might be good to search for one as well and if none is found open an issue.

When I login to ‘Email’ on , I need to re-enter my password and user name is marked closed with the closing comment

changed the incident status to Resolved by closing the incident.

However “Authentication failed” was not included as part of that issue.

The issue resolved for me, as if it had been some temporary networking issue, just a guess. I was not adversely affected as email was working fine to my phone during the incident.

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You could follow this guide Configure Murena e-mail on /e/OS and other clients to setup your / with your preferred email client.

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Having the exact same issue. Phone email is fine. Keep getting the “Authentication Failed” message on my PC browser even if I manage to open my email - fails on refresh or during an email fetch. Everything else is completely accessible - calendar, notes, etc.

Wonderful suggestion, thank you – I had no idea I could do this. I’m now using Thunderbird.