Murena web login needs multiple attempts

This is kind of a weird issue, and I did not find it on the forum or Gitlab. Also it was not really bothering me, but I found out that a friend had the same problem, and for her it was a problem: She reported “I’m not able to login.”

Here’s the thing: Sometimes when I need to re-login to murena cloud via the weblogin

I fill out my credentials, press “Log in”, then this very site reloads with my credentials gone, no error, no message. I then have to repeat this process 2-3 times until it finally works and takes me to murena cloud. Really strange and I can understand that some people are not stubborn enough to repeat this 4 times as I am. I have this problem since 2 years.

Unfortunately, can’t reproduce it after logging out today, it only happens sometimes. Will attach a screencast the next time it happens.

I’m using Firefox 109 on Pop!_OS, I guess my friend is using Firefox too.

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Have you tried clearing caches in FireFox before?

On some online accounts (like outlook OWA), it is sometimes necessary to do this otherwise there is no way to log in.

It may happen if your last session is still active (for example, you closed your browser without logging out, first).

Thank you so much both for your replies. I just deleted my whole cache recently, unfortunately this did not improve the situation.
Yes, I mostly just close the browser without properly logging out first. But I’m also doing this with any other website/logins I’m using and never had a similar issue before.

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It may be something between a load-balancer and NextCloud sessions management.
Please try to logout before closing browser, it will help to diagnose.

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Ok, I’ll try to do that and observe what happens. Do you think a ticket on Gitlab would eventually make sense? As I said, I don’t really bother much personally, but I worry more that this could be a turn-off for the novice user.

A GitLab issue would need details so that /e/ Team could reproduce the problem.
That’s why it is important to test & validate before opening it :wink:

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