Murena Website Issues

Hi there,
I am new here and have come onto the community because i have aproblem using the Murena website to make a purchase.
I have found it to be extremely frustrating.
I wish to buy a new Fairplay 4 but at the time of clicking the option to pay for the order I have to wait a couple of minutes and then the Molllie secure payment sends me back to the check out page and I have to fill my bank card details in again despite the fact that I entered them correctly the first time.
I was a little nervous about doing this again but decided to do so and when it happened to me the second time I contacted my bank to see if the payment had been taken from my account. They informed me - no.
I have also tried to raise this several times on the Contact Us page but this is also incredibly frustrating.
Every time I write a few words and then enter the CAPTCHA it keeps redirecting me to the contact us and my message is deleted.
All I’m trying to do is buy a degoogled phone but the experience of trying to do so through the Murena website is not the most user friendly.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I cannot speak for the /e/-shop…

nevertheless, have you tried this exercise with a different browser to check if it is some browser-feature that might be in the way?
…this is just the first thing I’d try (besides trying to contact the shop of course…just lik you did)
Hope they contact you back soon so you finally succeed

Thank you Obacht for responding to me.
I tried your suggestion and changed from Brave to Safari but the problem persists…

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I bought my phone in the shop in 2020 so it should still work in general.
… just tried the contact us-form and sent a message with a link to your post, maybe that helps.
Are You sure your contact us-message was not sent?
In the first place I did not see the confirmation note after send: the whole form went blank and the note is placed at the very low end of the screen so I had to scroll further down to see it… but there it was

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seems like an payment integration issue in murenas wordpress/woocommerce - I guess once they can reproduce it they can solve it, so good on you to try to contact them.

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thanks tcecyk. At first I was concerned about having made a double payment but it seems like not.

thank you so much for your help obacht

Hi @Welshboy pl can you send the details of the issue to They would be able to help you. Could be an issue with the services at that particular point of time. All the same, better to inform the helpdesk.

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Thank you Manoj. I have already done so.