Music app, choice of folders

Hi there,
I think that music needs an additional option.
It’s not pssible to choose the music(s) folder(s).
So i find in the music app those i dont want such as registred conversations on phone app, …and others iems in download folder.
What do you think about that ?

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As I have a really large music collection (200+ GB on an SD card) in my phone, I have switched to VLC almost immediately. VLC allows me to deactivate the automatic scan for media contents on the phone and to access my music folders directly instead. This also avoids that the large number of album cover artwork slows down and quickly freezes the music app.

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I use Vanilla Music player (from F-Droid) which allows you to include/exclude specific folders from the media library


SicMu Player (have a look at this) or foobar2000 or VLC.


Demo-ing Vinyl right now. So far impressed!

Thanks ! Amazing, i keep this one :+1: