Music app doesn't recognize multi-disc albums?

I went to listen to an album today that has two discs in it. Although the files are named 1-01, 1-02, 2-01, 2-02, etc, the Music app displayed them in such a way that the first song on the first disc was followed by the first song on the second disc, and so on. I downloaded Musicolet, discovered that several of my albums were tagged incorrectly, and corrected them. However, the changes don’t seem to have taken place in the Music app, even after a restart of the device.
Is this beyond Music’s capability? Is there a way to force a rescan of all music files to acknowledge the updated tags? I’m not a huge fan of having multiple redundant apps on my phone but will obviously need to keep Musicolet if my albums can’t be played correctly.

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I’ve had this same problem on virtually every device, including MP3 players. I’m considering re-recording all my double albums as separately titled disks. Example: NameOfRecord (Disk 1), NameOfRecord (Disk 2).

I’ve also tried numbering tracks as 01., 02., 03., … 16., 17., 18., etc. I think it works.

I guess on-device you can go to Apps => show system Apps → Filter by Search “med…” => MediaStorage, and clear that Cache.

If you have the device tethered to USB + adb, you could resend some intents to trigger a re-scan, as in

@Taurus can confirm numbering tracks that way works (some iTunes double albums present as one disc of twenty something tracks while others do the appropriate discs). Can’t say I want to go through and change all my albums that way when I know that the disc tags are correct.

@tcecyk no joy on that.

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The track and album display many music players show is oftenly not related to file or directory names. Renaming or moving a file has in many cases no effect on the display. Music players use meta data stored in the files. And the sum of all these meta data of different albums (sometimes even of multi disc albums) in a multi-GB music library has normally (!) a lot of inconsistencies because different people named and categorized the things differently. That’s why I call the majority of music players useless crap.

You can do two things:

  1. Take a tool and repair the meta data in the files as you mean they should be. This will probably take a lot of time depending on the amount of files and the amount of problems. And when you add new files you will again have problems with their new meta data.

  2. Or you use a music player which allows folder based playing (foobar2000, VLC, …), so the meta data in the files are ignored once for all. Providing some ordered folder and file names is normally much easier than making consistent meta data.

I did edit the track tags with Musicolet and they appear correctly there, but not with the standard Music app. Will likely uninstall Music once we gain that ability of its not corrected

Most of the time, for the disks that I buy, my player is unable to find any metadata anyway, so I end up typing all the titles and disk info myself. :rofl:

When I rip a CD I have in many cases two different description sets: a German and an English one. I must then decide which one to take and this one is written into the files. This is the case if you like classical music where exactly the same recording has been released two, three or four times over the years.

I never asked… is your music on a sdcard or internal memory?

My primary phone ( the one this post references) is internal. My backup, which I haven’t checked, uses SD card