Music App (little) issue RedMi 8T/ A2DP BT Connection

Hello Community,

don´t know if it´s a bug of the phone or /e/ or my car multimedia receiver. It´s really not a big issue, but a little bit annoying. For lack of another receiver to test i hope, someone can tell anything about that. Sorry for WoT, my english could need an improvement… :wink:

I am using /e/ in v0.16-20210424112062 and had no problems pairing the phone to the receiver. Everything works well so far, but one thing is noticeable: I´m using it (amongst other things) for listening to music via A2DP with the original Music App delivered with /e/. The Display of the receiver is showing music infos (title, artist, time) as expected. But when a song is over and the next title is being played, still the name of the last song is displayed. Finally this changes not until this song is over too, then it shows the last title again. It´s always one song behind, except i push the “next track” button manually.


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The problem magically solved itself after a few days. It works now as expected.