Music App mixes covers on song view

Default Music App mixes which cover must be shown on the song view.

Turning the phone/screen solves this and the appropriate cover is shown:


You can report this bug on the gitlab :slight_smile:

I’d do better to report to gitlab every bug, haha, thanks @Anonyme :))
You’re very kind always answering, thanks!

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Nice catch. I would assume this bug is there in the default android music app as well as I am sure we have not made any changes in the Music app code. All the same pl report it on Gitlab will be low priority i guess but a required fix.

I suppose it should also be on LOS’ default music app, Eleven, but not on stock ROMs’ music apps, shouldn’t?

Yes since Music is a “fork” (without modification though according to Manoj) of Eleven.

Stock ROM’s music apps are probably not Eleven, so the bug can’t be in them.

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Here it is:

Also for @Anonyme