Music apps in the background

I have some issues with my music app (currently Spotify) when it’s playing music and i clear it from the background apps the music stops (as expected), however restarting it from the drop down menu it used to carry on with the set playlist. Now it only plays the current song till the end and it freezes. I have to reopen the app and keep it running in the background in order to listen to music. Im currently using OnePlus 6t, running 1.6 s build. It started having this problem in 1.5s too, but a reatart used to fix it. Now it is a set thing and i can’t find a way to fix this issue.
I’m open for suggestions, thank you

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I am not sure if it is the same problem, but I had the Music app restarting again and again the current song as soon a blue tooth equipment was connected to the phone. It was playing again the song, even after having restarted the phone.
The solution was to open this app and remove the song from the play list.