Music from web (deezer, soundcloud) not playing on fresh install

hi everybody

i am a fresh new user of e. and just starting to use it
i’ve had a few problems using the “easy-installer” on a galaxy s9+ (g965F)
but finally had success thanks aibd’s help on the forum. (maybe easy installer needs some
clearer explainations for android noobs like me ?)

And now starting to use e, i’ve installed the deezer app from the store (the provided store, wich i do not know the name). And even once logged in no way to listen to my music, i have no sound and the app is like “leisy”
same result in a web page trying to reach soundcloud : no sound…

e. latest available version on galaxy s9+

thanks for helping

i suppose there is something to configure but coul’d not find what

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Sorry I don’t reply with a solution :frowning:
Just to tell that NewPipe can import SoundCloud subscriptions : NewPipe/shot_02.png at dev · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

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You could try “freezer” (don’t use your paid subscription, create a new one to try)…

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@andrelam, smu44

thank you, i’ve finally been able to use the app from “Apps”

appreciate your help, have a nice day !