Music: missing aiff support


It seems aiff support is missing in /e/ music app. VLC can read it. Do you plan to suppot it ?

(Is seems: maybe aiff is supported and the error I get has another cause…)

Send to the file and I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Hmm… Legally I should not do it (copyright). I’ll try to export to aiff format anything without copyright when I’m back from holidays.

I’ll do that by my way, not worry. I only wanted to test that file because it could be a problem with the file, not the format.

Though I really think there’s no codec for AIFF

I tested different files from an album, none are read by Music and all are read by VLC.

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Notice that aiff files are not displayed in “Audio files” of app Files, even if the files are in device/Music.

I think that android doesn’t support aiff types, as you can see on this page ( ;

but if you use a third party application, like VLC (as you already did), you can play it.

Keep in mind that VLC has always been known to open any format and codec

Can’t /e/ become an Android supporting aiff?

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Gaël, the boss! :blush: