Music Player stops as soon as I open another app on FP5

A soon as I open another app while playing an mp3, the music player (e.g. Unpopular Music Player) stops working.
How can I keep it running while working with other apps?

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foobar2000 and vlc run well in every case.

SicMu works good, but SicMu makes 3s gaps between the tracks which is crap.

Lisna has problems in it’s latest version now when the screen goes off. That’s ridiculous.

Really? I experience playback without gaps (settings: “repetition” → “stop at end of folder”)

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I have had this, “stop at and of folder”. But I noticed artificial gaps and I didn’t know how to stop this. That’s really annoying if you have classical pieces (symphony movements or whatever) cut into seven or eight single tracks.

Yes, maybe I never heard those short gaps as I mostly listen to spoken word…

VLC works well.

My new daily driver is Foldplay (Aurora).