Music Streaming Services

As an ex Apple iPhone user I had purchased hundreds of songs,iTunes, which I streamed in my car.
Do we have anything like that here on /e/ without going through Google Play or any of the other non privacy compliant companies?

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Ypu can save all your songs that you purchased on sd card and play them offline with the default player?

Thanks joe009
Will look into that.

I would like to continue to purchase songs besides saving songs I already have.
Is there a service that is not apple, google specific for that?

Amazon? (If you don’t mind buying from there.)

are iTunes purchases by default streamable via Apple Music, or would you need to pay a monthly fee to have access? in a long thread on music streaming, a user wrote in 2021 that Apple Music would work - Music streaming : are they all tracking us? - #48 by anon41979981

I buy music on bandcamp, mostly picked up from listening to one very good webradio station. I very much understand the appeal of subscription based online catalogs (youtube music premium, spotify, apple music…)

I think half the world is saving youtube vids into mp3 and listening offline, but I dont suggest any of that haha so youtbe music subscription sounds like a really good choice, they come with TV too for only 90$ a month

Will certainly look into that. Thanks

Youtube = Google, by the way.