Music turning off automatically while screen off

I am facing a problem on e os for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1(x00t).
Music turning off automatically while the screen turns off, even in default music player, vanced YouTube music app, or any other podcast app too from store.
Facing this on offline music(stored on my sd card) as well as on online songs from app.
And also facing this on all e os version for my device, tried e os 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5
Don’t know, whether it is a bug or i am skipping somthing from setting.
Please help/guide me as soon as possible, or i have to change the ROM, because i have only this device.

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Actually music don’t turns off, but there is no sound and while song continuously playing.

what is the sound output at that moment, device speakers / headphones or bluetooth audio?

No sound, while song on music player (offline song,
on default music player ), playing continuously.
Also facing same problem on vanced YouTube and other Podcast app.

bluetooth, headphones or on speakers?

@SumitG Is this the default /e/OS music app or another? Have you tried going to your notification shade and enabling ‘Caffeine’? Caffeine prevents your screen from turning off, it has preset times or you can also have it stay on until you manually turn if off. I find it very useful when playing music.

On phone speaker, not checked on bluetooth.

Facing on both default as well as other music app.
I know about caffeine mode, but I have to hear music only, which doesn’t need screen remaining on all time. And I don’t want to screen turns on always, while using music player only.
Sorry for bad English.

@SumitG Try checking Data Saver setting. The data saver maybe switched on . Add your music to the exceptions list and see how that works.

Also check background app management. Try turning on all and then off and see if it starts working. then restrict the apps that were restricted before and see if that works.

I had the same issue when I restricted battery ussage in the background for my music app. Check in app info for music player under battery. Good luck.

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