Must swipe away notifications on lockscreen

I’m used to an iphone where no matter how many notifications are showing on my lockscreen, when I unlock the screen and then re-lock it they are all cleared (though still accessible if I swipe down from the top of my screen to see recent notifications and also each relevant app still shows a badge on it if I haven’t actually opened it to see the specific notification). Is there a way to do this using e? It’s a bit of a pain to have to individually swipe every single notification. I’m using a fairphone 3.

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I would love this feature too. Coming from iOS, this is what annoyed me most on Android.

Even though there is no way to do this now (as far as I know), it might be a good feature proposal for the /e/-team, esepecially since they seem to aspire to make /e/ more similar to iOS (like with the Bliss-launcher).

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Just so long as it is optional, for those of us who like the way Android operates, and who don’t want our phones to look and behave like iPhones :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what do you find is the benefit to having to swipe every notification? Maybe if I saw some use to it I would be more accepting of it :slight_smile: Currently though it just seems to me like unnecessary effort because for a decent amount of notifications I get, such as some sms’, all I need to do is read them rather than open them or reply.

I don’t have to swipe every notification - there is a ‘Clear all’ feature which gets rid of all of them. I was responding to the suggestion in the first post that unlocking the screen then relocking it should clear all notifications. That is not functionality that I want

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I would think it to be a matter oft habit. Swiping it away means you’ve read it, which I can imagine some people want and it does make sense. For me, coming from an iPhone it just confused me and created chaos, because I kept thinking, ‘why is that there, I already read it’. It’s a matter of using a notification as a permanent reminder or just a quick info as in ‘go look in that app’.

Still, @petefoth - where is the clear all feature to be found? That would be really helpful.

Yeah I see what you mean, though some things I don’t want to go into the app at all. For example I just missed a call so have the missed call notification and an SMS saying the same thing. I choose one notification to open and call the person back. After the call the other notification is still sitting on my lock screen and needs to be swiped away🤦‍♂️

The clear all is at the bottom of the notification pulldown menu. (Unlock the phone and swipe down from the top)

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It’s not permanent - most notifications will disappear once you open the relevant app (or the view within the app). So if you have a ‘new SMS’ notification and a ‘Missed call’, and maybe other notifications, when you open one of the apps (and if it’s the SMS notification, open the conversation which has the new message), then that notification will disappear, but the ones you haven’t dealt with are still present.

This seems a very practical and - to me at least - intuitive way of doing things. If I have some new messages, and a missed call, I still want the the missed call reminder there when I have finished dealing with the new messages. I would be very annoyed if the OS decided to clear all the notifications when I’ve only dealt with one of them :slight_smile:

The system is also quite flexible: you can clear individual notifications, either by side-swiping them, or by dealing with them (e.g reading the message). Or you can clear all of them by navigating to the bottom of the list as @Tony has described.

(I notice in recent builds that, when looking at notifications on the lock screen, the ‘Clear all’ button is sometimes not there, and there is a ‘Manage’ button instead. I really don’t know why this change was made - it’s not confined to /e/ - the same thing happens in other Android 10 custom ROMs too, so perhaps it’s a modern Android thing :wink: Whatever, I wish they’d change it back!)

This way of handling notifications has been present pretty much since the beginning of Android. Indeed it was also handled the same in pre-Android, pre-iPhone, Symbian smartphones - so it just seems right to me. The companies who made those phones and contributed to the conversion of Symbian OS from the old Psion OS (EPOC) put a lot of effort into usability research and user trials to find the best way of handling notifications. That’s why a lot of the UI paradigms they developed are still with us today (and will still be with us for a long time, when some of the newer, less well-researched ideas have been abandoned :slight_smile:)