My bootloader doesn't match the documentation

Hello . The other day I installed a new firmware on the phone Samsung s3 ( GT-i9300i) . I did not read the documentation because I knew how to do it, then I still decided to look just in case and saw that my bootloader was different from the one indicated in the documentation (Your device must be on bootloader version: I9300IDDUBQE2). My phone can call, I can write SMS messages there are no visible problems. except for USB connection, that is, when connected, the phone does not report that a USB drive is connected as it was before.

My question is, if my bootloader doesn’t match the documentation, do I need to uninstall the ROM, then install the recommended bootloader using windows, and then install the ROM again?

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Your device must be on bootloader version: I9300IDDUBQE2

You will find I9300IDDUBQE2 there : (choose your country/CSC)
or there :Ⅲ__Neo__/58z2/INS/I9300IDDUBQE2/I9300IODDBPF1/ (choose your country/CSC)


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