My brand new zenphone 8 automatically updated to 12. Is that going to be ok?

I just got my new zenphone 8. Turned it on and was going to update 11 before install E/OS and then it updated to 12. The install guide says it has to be on 11. Is that going to be a problem? I looked at LineeageOS site and they are saying to use 12. Anyone know?

The Zenfone 8 has to be on android 11 to install eos, as per instructions. Eos is currently based on android 11 and that’s the reason why.

LOS have upgraded many device to android 12, including this one, so Lineage 19.0 (and LOS4microG) requires android 12 to be on your device as the base os.

It will be some months before is is rolled out to 12; it’s a big task!

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Ahh that makes sense. Thanks for the response! How would i get back to 11 if i already installed lineage os 19.1 on 12?

I don’t know and I have not got this device; but I’m interested in it for it’s size (not too big) and potential for relocking bootloader (not under e or Los though).

Closest thing I’ve seen to getting back to stock 11 is covered as part of this this XDA thread: Post#2

i am alson suffering from this situation on my site an about the bills
it works

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Hi, I have a similar issue but my brand new zenfone 8 automatically installed Android 13 without asking me. Do I need to downgrade to Android 12 before installing /e/OS? I just want to double check before starting. Thank you, Patrick

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I downgraded and installed e/OS/. All is good.


Does it still working good?
Did you manage to lock back the bootloader?

Works great, very happy with the phone and /e/. I learned you cannot relock the bootloader but that is okay. When I turn on the phone I hold the power button for a few seconds and automatically goes past the warning screen. All is good.

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This sounds really nice :heart:
He only thing that scares me a bit is the necessity to go back to stock Android 13 with time to be able to upgrade /e/ to And 13 as well when it will be available :thinking: