My First Install

Hi Archie,

thanks for the further assistance but…
ThinkPad-X200:~$ sudo fastboot flash twrp-3.3.1-0-0-hlte.img
< waiting for device >

entering adb would indeed show the device as connected and details so i don’t think it’s the cable used.

Try without sudo.
And your device is really in bootloader modus NOT in recovery ?

Okay, USB cable seems fine.

Now we trust (a little bit … ;o) @harvey186 to follow his advice starting with > download mode:

ADB command: adb reboot download

Note Samsung’s download mode on device:
Device is switched off. Then hold down the Power, Home and Volume (-) buttons.

Note: Recovery mode: adb reboot recovery [Power, Home and Volume (+) buttons]

The command is ‘adb reboot recovery’

You can also try ‘adb boot twrp-3.3.1-0-0-hlte.img’

That will start twrp without installing and you can flash the
But after reboot TWRP is gone

ok, give me a few minutes. i think i’m getting the order mixed up, it’s not now recognising the device

Switch phone off
adb devices
Note Samsung’s download mode on device:
Device is switched off. Then hold down the Power, Home and Volume (-) buttons.

ok, phone switched off. plug in
adb devices - nada
Switch phone on
adb devices - brings up phone information
adb reboot recovery
Phone reboots into recovery mode, a different screen now!

Yes, two different commands, two different screen displays:

adb reboot download [Samsung Download-Mode]
adb reboot recovery [Samsung Recovery-Mode]

with 9 options
I’m guessing i
‘reboot to bootloader’
phone restarts to same screen again, hmm let stry
‘apply update from adb’
now from terminal
adb devices and phone id comes up with ‘sideload’
sudo fastboot flash twrp-3.3.1-0-hlte.img

nothing happens so ctrl-c
phone suggests "Now send the package you want to apply to the device with "adb sideload "
screen on phone changed
from computer
Total xfer: 0.02x
phone rebooted by itself into android

Do you have a a/b device ? Or why trying the site load twrp ?

On a only devices you should flash twrp direct.

  1. Start device in bootloader
  2. Run on pc ‘fastboot flash recovery twrp:blahblah.img’
  3. Reboot device in recovery
  4. Copy to the device via pc file manager
  5. Install via twrp
  6. Reboot system
  7. Be happy

cause i’m a tube who doesn’t know what he’s doing! i’ll try running through it all again and try a different option next time, thanks for your collected patience

start device in bootloader mode (On, home +vol down)
Screen shows android man and ‘Downloading… do not turn of target’
on computer
adb devices - nothing.
reboot phone as per normal , android
phone starts
computer - adb devices
listed as connected on computer
adb reboot recovery
as before, it reboots into this screen, pic hopefully attached

top line you can’t read says ‘reboot system now’
What the correct option?

In bootloader mode no adb us working.
Bootloader = fastboot commands
Recovery = adb commands

seems to be the case but i’m more than a little lost !

Why don’t you go the steps i have written ?

i think i have without success, or maybe i’m getting mixed with Archies feedback as well. i’ll do it (again) now

That’s the way you have to go

Yeah, i’ve tried that.

And command line just hangs at

Actually thats not right. Sorry.
Some stuff i’ve seen says the bootloader is selected from ‘Developer Options’ on the (phone)settings screen - its not an option i have here.
so i
‘adb reboot bootloader’ at which point phone reboots and comes up with the little green man photo pasted above. I get stuck again i’m guessing it should come up with something to then allow me to ‘fastboot flash…’

When in this screen run command

fastboot flash recovery twrp.blah.balh.blah.img

And go.ahead with point 3 in my short howto