My First Install

“Too many cooks spoil the broth.” That’s why I hold myself back. I want you to reach your goal. The confusions are big enough.


reboot while it’s still waiting?Screenshot_2019-10-18_20-56-24

Sorry, why do you don’t do what i’m writing ???
I havent’t write anything about adb reboot bootloader when you are in the bootloader screen (the screen you have posted)

Last try:
When you are in the screen with androit and …downloading your are in bootloader !!!
Than start with point 2 = fastboot flash recovery twrp…img

So, I’m out because it seems I’m not able to help. Could be that you can do it better.

My device is different (Nexus 5x), but in my case following the Lineage instructions precisely worked perfectly. (to install /e/ I did everything the same except that I sideloaded the /e/ zip file not the Lineage one.) (my phone)

You could try to find your exact model in the Lineage download list, and try the installation instructions there.

Ohh @harvey186, who could do better than you? You’re old scooled guy and you have teaching students cooking and flashing roms since Android froyo.

I’m just a beginner who had no idea about Android a few months ago. I’m not here in the forum to show others that I can do better. I’m primarily here to learn from user requests and then form my own opinion from different sources.

By the way, that’s my motto, too: “try and see what happens, learning by doing”

@harvey186, no offence meant and i certainly don’t know better.
It’s clearly not for me after all this.
thanks for the help

after doing the manual install I completelly broke the boot with this error :
No Bootable A/B Slot Error

this command helped me to boot back to Google android, then follow the tutoriel again :

fastboot set_active other