My leEco max 2 not booting up,when connect to charger it keeps on vibrating with a blink of red light

My leeco max 2 is not booting up,when I connect it to charger it gives a vibration with every single second and red light keeps on blinking,I stopped using it 3 years ago but in between I have used it several times,last time I tried to start it but is did not,it has data which I need,please help​:pray::pray::pray:,regards

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my guess would be on battery replacement and go from there. But seems like you’ll need to get past a bit of hardware-parts to do this - screen unglue, board disassembly etc :confused:

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No battery is working fine,technician said that there is a problem in mother board and since there was a lock(4 digit)on the phone therefore I can’t recover data from the phone,when I went to another technician he said that there could be a problem in ram and not only the data is recoverable but the phone can be repaired as well but I don’t believe these unauthorised technicians and if go to the specialist they would charge at least 200$