My moto g7 plus is stuck on v1.8 from February of this year

I have done everything i can think of besides reinstalling (shudders), the update part of the settings menu will not find any new os updates ever since February.

Stuck on android 10 with security updates almost a year old doesnt sit well

I havent tried any terminal stuff since i dont know anything about android syntax

Is there a way to force refresh of mirrors or something?


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The issue is that your device ‘lake’ has been upgraded 2 android versions since the last time you installed. Unfortunately android upgrades are not OTA, so they dont come through the updater

Since lake is on android T, you will need to install a new recovery from the bootloader then sideload the 1.17 zip package

Make sure you DO NOT wipe or format
if you wish to keep data

Further to the above, for your device lake there is an Upgrade page,, to guide you through the process.